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The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Elbow Grease

Sometimes you don’t have to continually reinvent the wheel to do something great. Take these new… err… old garbage carts that have reappeared on the city streets. From what I understand, community activist and business leader, Prish Moran (owner of Sweet_ness 7 Café), asked the Department of Public Works that they be brought out of storage, repainted, and put back in commission. I still can’t believe that we had these original carts sitting around for all these years. Not to say that there are tons of them – there are only a few… maybe five or six. But that’s all you need to make a statement in our commercial districts.

Think about it. One employee from the Department of Public Works can canvas a street such as Grant in one day. Can you imagine what AmeriCorps could do with these? Even one person with a cart means a heck of a lot when it comes to managing the litter problem. Plus it’s another set of eyes in the neighborhood. And maybe… just maybe… people will think twice about littering if they see that someone is actually walking and wheeling the garbage beat. These vintage garbage carts look great too. They have the old-fashioned wagon wheels and holders for tools such as push brooms. The regular street cleaners can’t collect the litter when there are parked cars on the street… and they certainly aren’t effective on the sidewalk. What’s the solution? You’re looking at it.

*Side note: As I was writing this, workers were installing the new Grant Street Market banners on the street. Don’t forget to come down to the Taste of Diversity festival on Saturday!


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