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The Snack Shack Breakfast Burrito

I love breakfast burritos – there are a couple of places around town that I go for them. As much as I like hitting different spots for different styles, I think I’ve finally found the best breakfast burrito around. I’ve been heading (more and more) to the Steel Crazy Snack Shack for the huevos rancheros wrap (without meat), and every time I have one it seems to get tastier and tastier. The version I had this morning was filled with two eggs (over easy*), rice and beans, onions and peppers, cheese and a dab of the Molten Steel hot sauce. Wow… soooo good. And big enough to satisfy until dinner.

The breakfast burritos are served throughout the course of the day at The Snack Shack. I like to eat mine at the window bar while watching all of the bizarre Allentown traffic… especially when Chuck the Bubble Guy is at work. There’s nothing like eating the best breakfast burrito in town while thousands of soapy bubbles drift down the street. Mark Bauer, the owner of The Snack Shack, always has some die-hard jazz and blues selections playing to complete the experience. Unfortunately, as I ate my breakfast, he informed me that Koko Taylor (Queen of the Blues) passed away yesterday morning. If you ever want to talk to anybody about that sort of music scene, Mark’s your guy. And if you ever want to satisfy your hunger for an incredibly delicious breakfast wrap ($6.25), you know where to find him.

*You can pretty much customize your burrito – make sure that you ask for the eggs over easy… though you can’t go wrong with scrambled either.

Snack Shack is located at 191 Allen Street (corner of Elmwood). Phone:
716-885-0206. Catering is available. Hours: Tues-Fri 9am to 7:30pm. Sat 8pm-7:30pm. Sun 8am-4pm. Closed Mon.

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