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The Red Cross – BASH Success Helps Cause

Over a week ago, the Red Cross threw their 11th annual BASH to raise money for programs and services that the Red Cross provides throughout Buffalo.  The BASH is Red Cross’ largest fundraiser of the year, and with over 4,000 people in attendance, the organization raised about $345,000.

The Greater Buffalo Chapter of the American Red Cross uses this funding to prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies within the community.  The Red Cross is a charitable organization that depends on volunteers and donations to carry out their mission.

Among other programs, the majority of their funding goes to immediate support to those who have lost their homes to house fires.  The Greater Buffalo Chapter is the only organization with this service, providing individuals with food, shelter, and clothing, which has helped 852 people in the last year alone.  This is the same service that was provided to the families of victims of Continental Flight 3407.

In these rough times, the Red Cross’ efforts have become even more important.  Unfortunately, individuals and businesses have less money to donate because of the current poor economy.  In addition, the United Way is no longer funding the Red Cross’ emergency services, and it has been increasingly difficult for the organization to raise money as a result.

Starting in July of next year, the Red Cross will need to raise an additional $500,000 a year to continue serving individuals who have lost their home to a fire.  Financial support of the Red Cross’ programs becomes crucial as they look for new funding strategies to cover their losses.

It becomes apparent that events such as the BASH are important to our community despite the cost cutting times.  If the Red Cross does not receive the proper support, individuals that need aid will not receive it.

To find out more information on the Greater Buffalo Chapter or ways to donate, visit their website.

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