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Poll of the Week: Yes, No, and Then Some…

It’s been suggested that the poll itself may not give BR readers a chance to really tell how they feel about any given topic that happens to be up for a vote.

Therefore, in conjunction with the weekly BR poll, we’ll make a post that allows the voters to elaborate on their choice.  Beyond that, it occurs to us that, in the interest of making change (which we sometimes do), comments form a record of opinion that interested parties might just heed – for example, the choice of colors for the Wingate in last week’s poll as follows:
Picture 2.png
While it’s not likely that the Ciminelli project will come back to the table in the case of the waterfront hotel, why should we settle for the least liked choice for Wingate hotel colors?  True, this is a random sampling of public opinion, but it’s our guess that the percentages would repeat themselves in a wider scope.  A little pressure in the right places never hurts.
This week’s poll will be going up soon, in conjunction with a post.  Feel free to comment, as well as voting.  
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