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Mayoral Election 2009: Pose Your Questions Here

official…summer is here. The hardest decisions this season should be what patio
to enjoy a glass of wine on, what flavor of ice cream to choose or how often to
attend Thursday in the Square. 

all, don’t we all deserve a break from the stresses of the world?  We seemed to have dodged another Great
Depression, gas isn’t cheap, but at least we are not approaching $4 per gallon and we now have Twitter to keeps us abreast of all the important
events: are Jon and Kate Plus Eight headed for the big D (and I don’t mean Dallas),
will TO ever find a residence in Buffalo, and when is Zappos putting my favorite
sandals on sale?

we just forget about the Peace Bridge, Bass Pro and the Seneca Buffalo Creek
Casino for a while?  The debate
over property tax assessments and charter school funding will still be there in
the fall; do we really have to
chat about it at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday?  Couldn’t we all just swap recipes on what to do with the
abundance of zucchini that is about to befall us?  I am still looking for a good cardoon recipe.  That has got to be less controversial
than police cameras, the skyway and the mess that we call Albany.

much as I would like to bury my head in the sand at Emerald Beach and pretend
that Buffalo is on solid footing, I can’t, you can’t and we can’t.  We are still a rust belt city laden with
issues like abandoned factories along the shoreline, empty storefronts in the
most vibrant neighborhoods, dilapidated housing, etc.  As embarrassing and as painful as it is,
our ranking as the 3rd poorest city in America cannot be swept under the rug.  While some of us enjoy the pleasures of
summer, too many of us struggle with poverty, addiction, unemployment…and the
list goes on.

upcoming mayoral election is a pivotal race for the future of our city.  We will invite the final list of contenders to participate in a podcast, in which I
will pose the same questions to all of the candidates and engage in some frank
discussion, but I need your help. 
What are the most pressing matters in your mind?  What question do you really want
answered?  Where do the candidates
stand on the issues facing Buffalo and Western New York?  Submit your questions, and we will kick
off a dialogue between our readers and the candidates so that when we all walk into
the voting booth this November, we will be a more educated electorate. 

leave your questions in the comment section, and I will do my best to present
them to the candidates.

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