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Juniper Takes Pride In Local Artisans

If you made it to the Pride Parade today, chances are that you passed by a new gallery on Elmwood. Actually, it’s not a gallery… it’s a restaurant. And if you walk inside, you won’t see this large work of art until you make it inside the washroom. It is there that artist Peter Fowler is showing his latest works of art. There are two permanent pieces in each respective washroom, and both original works make taking a trip to the throne an artistic endeavor. Some people might scoff at this and ask why an artist would lend his or her creative talents to such a station. When it comes to the originality of the restaurant in question (and the people behind it), the answer becomes clear.

Proprietors Kate Elliott and Lindsay Malinowski have certainly tapped into local talents in order to create Juniper (see back story). Everywhere one looks inside the establishment, functional works of art showcase the talents of Buffalonians. From the hand-painted bathrooms to the Matthew John Pasquarella tiled fireplace mantel to the Patrick Beecher fabricated tables to the Tina Crapsi sign. Check out the impressive lighting by Roy and Sionen @ Lightmakers, or look closely at the smallest of details like the napkin rings and bud vases fashioned by silver jewelry icon Annie Adams.


There’s nothing better than seeing these small businesses utilize the services of the local art community. The arts have remained strong in this city and help to put us on the map when it comes to prime destinations. Peter Fowler has done more for Buffalo to keep that image alive and healthy. You can see him out on the street painting on any given day. Or you can visit his gallery Kepa3 for an art opening. You can even catch his works when heading to the powder rooms at Juniper or La Tee Da. Juniper is open for a sneak peak viewing today in conjunction with the Pride Parade – stop in to see the amazing transformation.

Juniper 810 Elmwood Avenue

Kepa3 Gallery | 31 Barker Street | Buffalo, NY 14209   

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