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Creamcycle Update

We just got word from James, the Creamcyle pilot and newly crowned “David” of local street vendors, that the city doesn’t seem to care for him too much, although we have to admire his optimistic demeanor.  Here’s what he had to say:

“Met today with Buffalo Place and Licensing, Olmsted wasn’t present. 

Apparently any changes to the permit system would require
legislation.  Unfortunately there isn’t enough time to get that done
this summer, with council going on break in August, so the City
promised they’ll look into it over the winter.    
In the meantime, they offered to sell me a daily permit which I
could use downtown for each Thursday.  That’ll cost $10.50/day. 
Everyone seemed to appreciate the current system is outdated and
deserves to at least be researched then streamlined.  I’m optimistic. 


In my opinion, James is definitely taking the high road on this one.  Are they REALLY going to say, “Hey, remember that nice young man with the ice cream cart from summer?  Let’s figure this out.”  I certainly hope so.  Let’s keep up with this story.  Let’s make sure that, come winter, they don’t forget.

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