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Conference Held in Buffalo to Revitalize Great Lakes Cities

The Great Lakes Metros and New Opportunities Summit will be held at Buffalo State’s Bulger Communications Center on June 18th and 19th.  The Great Lakes Urban Exchange (GLUE), the Northeast-Midwest Institute, the Buffalo State College Center for Economic and Policy Studies, and Buffalo’s Partnership for Public Good will combine their efforts to help address policy making for the cities surrounding the Great Lakes.

During the conference, these organizations will analyze the best ways to spend funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) providing a long-term vision to sustain the Great Lakes region.  The assemby plans to portray the ARRA in action, setting a foundation for the development of Federal policies which include metro governance and regional planning.  


Over 150 participants are expected to attend.  Government officials and researchers will speak on topics such as green job programs, use of NSP funds, and Great Lakes restoration.  Sessions have been created to target areas in need of change.  The audience will learn strategies and practicies for their field and can ask further questions that the participants will help address and answer.

The summit is intended for practitioners including NGOs, local
officials, urban advocates, and others who seek use of the ARRA and support to maintain sustainable cities.  Online registrations is available on the Great Lakes Metros and New Opportunities website.

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