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Caz Coffee Cafe – A Hidden Gem in South Buffalo

After a couple long days at work, I needed somewhere to relax.  My apartment complex is being renovated and it was raining ,so going to a park was not an option.  After hearing a lot of good things about Caz Coffee Cafe, I decided to check it out.

Located on 688 Abbott Road, Caz Coffee Cafe is conveniently placed next to Caz Park in the heart of South Buffalo.  Perhaps this helps attribute to the cool atmosphere that you notice as soon as you walk in.  There wasn’t an angry mob waiting to get their cappuccino, which means that I could read a book in peace.  There were arm chairs to privately relax in, or small tables to quietly chat with a friend.  Plus, there were candles on the tables, which gave the cafe a more intimate feel.

cazcafe2.jpgMaybe I’m this weird, peculiar individual, but I don’t enjoy drinking coffee.  I don’t understand the craze for Tim Hortons or why they feel the need to put locations every mile in our region.  Caz Cafe doesn’t just serve coffee.  A varied menu offers salads, wraps, seasonal soups, paninis, appetizers, and breakfast.  And they’re even named after things in Buffalo!  There is a Caz Casino panini, Botanical Garden salad, and a Red Jacket wrap which gives a taste of South Buffalo’s pride.


If you feel like wandering around, you’ll find that there is a bookstore in the back and a literary center upstairs.  The Dog Ears Bookstore offers thousands of titles to browse from which encourages all types of readers.  The Enlightenment Literary Center provides programs that are targeted to any age group.  Whether you’re looking for a book club, help with homework, or practicing writing, there seems to be a program to strengthen the creative process.

Also, I noticed that this coffee shop does help the community.  Their menu seems to promote anything that has to do with South Buffalo.  Art from local artists line the walls and are rotated monthly.  They even feature live music on every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening.  If anyone in the audience is feeling a little daring, they can step up to the open mic on Thursdays.

Dog Ears Bookstore and The Enlightenment Literary Center work with the community to promote creativity and the literary arts.  The bookstore donates used books to the elderly and those bound to their homes.  Dog Ears Bookstore is non-profit with all proceeds supporting the literary center.  Every Tuesday from 6:30-8PM, there is a flash fiction course offered to help struggling writers, such as myself, get published.  Other programs help students with vocabulary and reading.

I must have passed this place a dozen times and never noticed it was there.  I don’t enjoy going to a traditional coffee house because it doesn’t have this type of appeal.  By stopping at one place, I can grab a bite to eat, purchase a book, and work on my creative writing skills.  How cool is that?  Caz Coffee Cafe is truly a hidden gem, providing a laid back atmosphere that appeals to any person.  More information on the cafe is found on their website.

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