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Runners Dig Their Heels In For Charity

Possibly the funniest (and funnest) athletic events in the history of all Buffalo sports, the .5k Stiletto Run has got to be seen to be believed. It started off as a small charity event last year and has instantly blossomed into a large-scale race followed by a swinging post race party.

Oh the sights. Hairy guys in wedding gowns, buff girls, jocks, preppy guys, sexy dresses, accessories, tattoos, stockings, shades, young, old, good sports, sporty goods and a ton of three+ inch heels. It’s amazing how natural some of the guys looked as they bolted for the finish line. And there were some serious lady contestants that you really wouldn’t want to mess with.


post race party (in front of Shoe Fly) boasted a shoe sale, martinis,
and big prizes for the winners. Sue Marfino, owner of Shoefly, told me
that there were 160 participants – that’s double the number from last
year. Judging by the success, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doubles
again next year. The winners? Let’s just say that drafting does not
just apply to car races… there were some last second winners who
thought long and hard about race strategy. If you want to know the real
winners… it’s The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the race’s
charity of choice.


As this was my first attended race, I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise the race was much faster than I anticipated. After taking some photos at the starting line (Bidwell), I tried to play catch-up and still missed the lead racers as they crossed the finish line.


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