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Benchmark Delivers The Goods

Take a look at some of the improvements that have shaped up the Stuyvesant Plaza on Elmwood Avenue. In recent weeks there have been red stamped walkways added, leading customers from the street to the businesses. A couple of landscaped islands have appeared as well. And just these past few days some even bigger aesthetic features have been built. Where once a freestanding Laundromat building stood, there is now a red brick buffer wall with trees planted adjacent to it. The wall helps to obscure the view onto the truck loading docks. There’s even a Stuyvesant Plaza brick and steel archway – a nice touch that helps to soften that front stretch of parking lot.

After years of seeing this plaza look like a dump, it’s nice to witness some of these improvements added, which coincide with the arrival of Price Rite. These types of special touches signal to shoppers that both the developer, Benchmark, and Price Rite are taking pride in their investment instead of just trying to bilk the property for all it’s worth. I reside in this neighborhood and am thankful that Benchmark lived up to its word and added these design features. This is a major improvement for Elmwood.

Well, that’s one checked off the wishlist – now it would be great to see the KFC plans move forward. Then figure out how to improve the Blight Aid at the corner of Bryant. From there develop on the parking lot across from Block Buster (with parking in the back). Is that too much to ask?

*Thanks to BRO viewers who submitted their comments regarding design features that they wanted to see added to the plaza.


Written by David Steele

David Steele

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