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Art is indeed Alive at Albright Knox Art Gallery

It’s called Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The Art, not the Green Day song. It is one of my all time top images featuring many of my favorites from the last millennium: Elvis Presley, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe. It was “copied” from Hopper’s Nighthawks (students’ version above), with the players of an anonymous variety. And not just once, but twice!  
This past Saturday area high school students exhibited themselves on the Gallery Lawn of the Albright Know Art Gallery. The students took artistic masterpieces and tried to copy them, the way a cover band would try to copy a classic rock act from the past. To read BRO contributor Julia Shannon’s take on Art is Alive 2009, please check out An Afternoon of Favorite Artwork Brought to Life
                    Please let us know what masterpiece you would 
                    like to see copied at next year’s event!
These talented folks dressed up like the subjects in the paintings, held poses, and sometimes suffered pains from holding such awkward positions! What a wonderful way to experience art. I may have never learned to play the piano without experiencing my father’s mandolin-playing at an early age. And my sister became a great artist due to early exposure to the arts and humanities. At this event there was a special children’s area so kids could work with watercolors, construction paper, and bubbles! I believe the earlier the start, the richer the life. Go Art Alive!


There were over $1,000 in prizes. There was a prize for the Best Tableau from the Gallery’s Permanent Collection. Plus People’s Choice Awards for Grades 1-8, 9-12, Adult, the Handyman Award for Best Craftsmanship and The Off the Beaten Path Award for Most Unusual Entry.
              Looks like a Jackson Pollock piece that resides at Albright Knox Art Gallery 
They are all winners, because everyone has the opportunity to have their tableau displayed at another annual fun event at the Albright Knox Art Gallery – Rockin’ At The Knox 2009. Plus each participant gets a free ticket to the event, as well as an accompanying adult ticket.
                       Girl In a Mirror! I wonder if they are twins?
Great job by the voice of the WJYE morning show, Joe Chille. I had walked over to the stage area, and when there was an appropriate break I went up to Joe and told him, “You should be in radio!”. What a great voice. And a great job emceeing this event. Thanks Joe.
                    Let’s play “Name That Masterpiece”
You sure can’t beat Buffalo for its incredible art events. Next up this Saturday and Sunday is the 52nd Allentown Art Festival. Hope to see you there!
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