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An Interesting Way To Market

I’m all about clever, effective advertising.  When we found out about this ad campaign in Portland, Oregon (not Maine, but Go Pirates!), we thought it was just great.  Urban trees that adorn city sidewalks were transformed from simple foliage to a clever ad that passersby were unable to pass without giving into curiosity.  By simply wrapping the base of the tree with a fiberglass orange container, the trees became carrots that advertised the local farmer’s market.  Since we have our own farmers market, this idea could be implemented effectively in Buffalo, but it shouldn’t have to be limited to produce.  Here are my ideas based on some trees on Main Street.  (Take note of my considerable Photoshop skills.)

Farmer’s Market, of course:

A Chicken Wings and “Don’t Forget The Celery” Campaign:

Bloody Mary’s at a local bar:

How about something more “Buffalo”?  Albright Knox:

The Buffalo Zoo:

The possibilities are endless.

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