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6,500 lb. machine vs. an old wood floor. Who wins?

It was hard to miss this scene at the Hertz Parking Garage near the corner of Delaware and West Huron earlier in the day. According to Channel 2 News, the first floor of the Hertz Parking Garage gave way to a 6,500 lb. piece of construction equipment. Fortunately the operator of the machine was ultimately rescued and suffered no major injuries. Unfortunately, it’s the Hertz Garage, originally known as Miller’s Livery Stable… an absolutely stunning structure. I had hoped that the next time we were to hear news about this building it was going to be development news. Instead, this sounds eerily similar to Paladino’s Greystone Hotel tragedy when machinery fell through the roof. Thankfully it was only the first floor. From a previous comment referencing the building (by Biniszkiewicz):

“This building (and some things around it) are owned by Mark Croce. He
might turn its neighbor (the white faced building on the corner of
Franklin, next to the Continental) into a boutique hotel or other mixed
use property. Whatever he does with it, he doesn’t want to sell. He
wants to develop. This parking garage has wooden floors. I am told by
his attorney that the parking structure referenced here is physically
very unusual in that the floors are suspended from above, as opposed to
supported from below


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