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What Were They Thinking # 4: Big @ss Signs!

Have you seen the gi-normous street name signs dotting various
intersections around the city?  Perhaps the question is better phrased
” How could you not see them?”  They are about 72 inches long
and perhaps as much as 16 inches wide, a good 8 to 10 times larger than normal
signs. The size of these signs is more akin to something you would expect at
the massive commercial intersection of Transit and Main rather than residential
Richmond and Delavan.  

They are so far out of proportion to the streetscape
they inhabit that I become embarrassed for the city each time my gaze happens
upon them.  What were they thinking?  Are the intersections graced
with these street name billboards somehow special?  Is it somehow
necessary that people be hit over the head with the names of these streets?   

This picture does not do justice to how ridiculous these signs
are. My guess is that this is civil engineering run amuck.  These
signs were probably specified based on the abstract requirements of a state DOT
specification, which takes nothing but traffic count into account.  A
frighteningly large amount of our built environment is created with this method
these days. 

Topping off the hideous size of these signs is their crude
construction and installation.  Each sign is actually 2 signs one facing
in each direction (you know guys, paint can actually be applied to both sides
of a metal panel, you could cut the cost in half!).  The signs are
strapped to street poles with raw galvanized steel uini-strut brackets.  Is
it too much to ask for at least a minimum of consideration to how something
looks? Does anyone know if there is a movement to get rid of these crazy

If you enjoyed this travesty of design
thoughtlessness you might also like the examples in this Rogues Gallery as







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