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Singles Anyone?

I love the Village Beer Merchant. As a matter of fact, I can’t imagine Buffalo without it. I’ve become very fond of the growler system that they have. There’s nothing like walking in with a clean empty growler and browsing through the taps for a savory refill (especially when it’s The Chain). The last time I waited for my growler to get topped off I happened to notice a shelf of colorful beers behind me. Upon inspection, I realized that they were all single beers just waiting for someone to marry them into a six-pack. The system is so much better than being forced to pick a pre-mixed six-pack and ultimately suffering through one or two beers that nobody wants.

The system works well for anyone who wants some variety – maybe a six-pack of darker beers is too heavy, but a couple of darks, a couple of ambers and a couple of lights is the way to go. “We usually choose our favorites,” Vinny Somogyi, an employee at the VBM, told me. “Or something new… or popular beers. A variety. Some people don’t know what they want. The six-packs are priced according the individual bottles of beer. The bottles are added up when brought to the counter.” Whether you’re in the mood for one big growler, or a mixed six-pack, the Village Beer Merchant has certainly provided plenty of beer options for both the aspiring amateur or the seasoned pro.

Village Beer Merchant
547 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 881-1080 

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