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Mayor Announces $17.6 Million for Hamburg Drain Control Facility

Mayor Byron W. Brown, Senator Charles E. Schumer and Congressman Brian Higgins announced Thursday that $17.6 million in funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have been approved for the Buffalo Sewer Authority’s planning, design and construction of the Hamburg Drain Control Facility, which collects and processes input from twenty sewer regulators within the Hamburg drain system.


“These stimulus dollars to upgrade Buffalo‘s aging system lays a critical foundation for providing jobs, encouraging economic growth, and improving the quality of life across the region,” Schumer said. 


According to the Sewer Authority, design is over 50 percent done for the new Hamburg Drain Control Facility and the Authority expects to go to bid this fall for its constructions.


“This project is also an essential component of Buffalo‘s Inner Harbor redevelopment,” said Congressman Higgins.”


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Mayor Brown is a member of Building America’s Future, a national, bipartisan coalition of state and locally elected officials who are working collaboratively to gain a stronger federal commitment to upgrade infrastructure throughout the country. The new group was formed by Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA) and Ed Rendell (PA) and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


“In order to strengthen Buffalo, continue to build the momentum we have achieved in recent years – attracting new developments and investment – and to ensure ongoing development efforts succeed, like the rebuilding of Buffalo‘s waterfront, it is essential that more investments are made in upgrading our city’s infrastructure,” said Mayor Brown.


To date, $37.7 in federal stimulus funds have been approved for a variety of projects in the City of Buffalo.


New York will receive a total of $435 million in federal funding for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.  According to the State’s lists, $104,155,000 in Clean Water State Revolving Fund projects in Congressman Higgins’ district would be eligible for funding. 


The Recovery Act provides $19 billion for clean water, flood control, and environmental restoration investments expected to support over 2,000 water infrastructure projects and create 300,000 jobs nationwide. 


The federal stimulus funds will be matched with $8.8 million from the Buffalo Sewer Authority.

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