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Green Jobs, Green Housing Town Hall Meeting

We all grumble when our heating bills come in during the winter, especially when the unemployment rate keeps rising.  PUSH
is holding a meeting to do something about it. 

On May 28th at 6PM, PUSH Buffalo will be holding a town board meeting at 271 Grant Street.  The organization is inviting any legislators to commit to their Green Jobs, Green Housing Platform which is as follows:


1. Public sector leaders and private utility companies should work to ensure that 1000 units are weatherized in 2009, thereby reducing utility costs and carbon emissions.

2. Create a “green jobs fund” to strengthen pathways to employment in the energy efficiency industry.

3. Pass legislation that would dramatically increase neighborhood access to residential retrofits.

A commitment to “greening” all local projects supported by Federal
stimulus money so that people see development where they live and are
able to connect to jobs they need to support their families.

Buffalo is the third poorest city in the country, yet the forth most expensive to heat.  During these long, cold winters, many people have to make the choice whether they pay their heating bills to stay warm or pay their rent.  PUSH Buffalo believes that should not be a choice someone would have to make.

“We think it’s time that Buffalo transitioned from being the Nickel City to the Emerald City,” Harrison Watkins said.  “We have the opportunity to take lead in generating green jobs for the people that most need them and employment that makes the neighborhood work.”

PUSH Buffalo wants to sustain green jobs within Buffalo.  Bringing in new technologies would not only help with the heating situation but also provide employment to those that needed it. 
Watkins says, “We have to invest in our strongest, most productive asset: our people.”  The New York State legislature has a proposal, drafted by the Center for Working Families and Center for American Progress, that could create a potential 30,000 jobs over the following five years.  This proposal would help stimulate the economy in Buffalo.

Through the the town meeting, the organization wants to target ways that could help the citizens of Buffalo.  They will be speaking on topics like using federal funds to investing in public transportation, reducing the city’s carbon footprint, and creating long term employment.  All of PUSH Buffalo’s goals would involve a commitment to hiring workers locally.


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