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Creating A Vibrant DT Street Presence

Sometimes you have to create potential and opportunities where they might not already be found. For example, every time I pass by the Main Place Tower I wonder how it is that that sprawling front patio is not utilized. Unfortunately, this is such a hi-profile spot in downtown Buffalo, that it’s hard not to notice the potential. I’m not talking about turning over to another restaurant or club or anything… I’m just thinking that a business like the Buffalo Coffee Roastery (located within the building), could set up some tables and let their customers sit outside and enjoy the views of Cathedral Park.

This could be a mutually beneficial scenario. It would help to bring some more life downtown. It would also give some added exposure to a local coffee roastery during the spring, summer and parts of the fall. I’m sure that the people working in Main Place Tower would also appreciate the opportunity to sit outside and work (while enjoying a coffee) when the sun’s out. These days, with WiFi so readily accessible, there are more and more people looking to get their work done from locations outside of their offices. Really… what would it take to create a vibrant image here? Ten two-tops and an employee from the Buffalo Coffee Roastery clearing the café tables?


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