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Signs of things to come?

I love the new painted window murals that have appeared on the Artspace Café building. I call it that because the two-storey brick structure has been marketed as a suitable space for a coffee shop or eatery. At least that is how many within the group envision it. For years the building has been an eyesore, covered with all sorts of disjointed signage. Now that the vibrant hand-painted billboards have been added*, one can see more clearly the potential that this Coe and Main Street corner has.

It is also befitting that the artistic touch has been added since the adjoining five-storey structure houses so many live-work art studios. I’m sure that there are plenty of other buildings on Main Street that could take note of this improvement. Not to say that we need this type of quick fix in some of the other architecturally significant buildings, but have you seen the many windows and doorways that have been filled with concrete block over the years? How is that even legal? Regardless, at least we have some signs of aesthetic improvements at this corner.


If we could only get the United States Post Office to do something on the north side of the Artspace project. Does anyone have a photo depicting what that Northampton corner looked like back in the day? Can you imagine what could be done to make that office presentable to the public instead of looking like a bomb shelter? You would think that the post office would have a more responsible role in the community regarding the message that it sending (talk about snail mail).

*Im still waiting to hear whether PUSH and ReUse were behind the mural additions. According to Harvey Garrett there were extra mural panels being stored at ReUse, but he was not aware of the application to the corner of Coe.

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