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Love of Small Things: Sample Restaurant

I stopped by Sample last Tuesday and was reminded why I’m never disappointed there. A couple of friends were in town, and we were in the mood for a light dinner.  On any normal weekday, the atmosphere at Sample is perfect for a relaxing meal with some great friends,  but Tuesdays are customer appreciation days at Sample.  Translation: Half price off their menu.  I started out with the pomegranate cocktail, which was light and bubbly.  You really can’t go wrong with anything on their drink menu; like everything else at Sample, the drinks are…thoughtful.  

Since each item is a bite or two (hence the name “Sample”), I started with the Bleu Cheese Burger, the Steak Frite, the French Onion Soup, and the Poutine. I’d say the Bleu Cheese Burger is one of the more filling items on the menu. These four items are my must-haves every time I go.  It’s amazing how much flavor they can pack into each bite!  

I tried the Biscuits & Gravy while one of my other friends tried the Pork Belly from the small plates menu.  These items are perhaps a bit more than half the size of an entry from other restaurants, but when paired with a few bites from the Sample menu, they make for perfect portion control. The Biscuits & Gravy was awesome.  It had wild mushrooms and a creamy chicken gravy base, on top of a rosemary biscuit.  It was great with my pomegranate cocktail.  My friend’s Pork Belly was also amazing.  The layer of skin added great flavor but didn’t cross the line to being greasy.  The trick when eating here is try to get a little bit of everything in one bite.  

For dessert, I had a Creme Brulee Trio.  Each Creme Brulee is served in a Chinese-styled soup spoon.  I had chocolate, peach, and vanilla.  The thin layer of sugar on top was the perfect amount.  Once you crack the sugar, the ‘creme’ part was perfectly done in terms of sweetness and texture.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had creme brulees that were ruined due to an overly creamy and sweet the bottom layer.  My friends had Sample Some More. If you like s’mores, this is your thing.  The dark chocolate was incredibly good with the marshmallow and the house-made graham crackers. 

After our meal, my taste buds were buzzing with flavors.   Sample is great on any night, and from Tuesdays to Saturdays they have great food or drink specials.  At Sample, it’s all about enjoying the small things in life.  


242 Allen Street

Buffalo, NY  


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