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Allentown’s Allentan

BRO submission by Francesca Maines:

Ken Mazur has always lived and played in Allentown, and now he works there too.  Ken and his partner Mike Hartke recently bought Allentan, the only tanning salon in the Allentown and Elmwood Village area located at  466 Franklin.  Ken already has a full plate working as a full time, international flight attendant and managing multiple rental properties in the city, but he couldn’t bear to see a business close in his beloved Allentown so he is keeping the doors open and creating a successful business.  Ken is following his business mantra; deliver a consistently great product at a fair price.  Allentan offers unlimited monthly tanning starting at $29.95.

The salon sparkles and the big, plate glass windows let the sun shine through.  The wicker furniture and fabulous magazines create a relaxing waiting area. The staff takes their cue from Ken and Mike, and greet their customers in a friendly, professional way.  Ken believes in the personal touch, and knows not only the names of his customers, but their preferences in tanning.  He asks about their tanning needs, and both Ken and his staff advise clients on how to obtain the look they are after.  Allentan doesn’t just sell a tanning package; it provides a safe and effective service to its clients.

Allentan has a super bed with 32 high intensity bulbs, a state of the art Europe bed with 38 bulbs and triple facial bulbs, and a stand up bed is days away from delivery.  In addition to the great beds, Allentan offers some great lotions at great prices including the Supre line of lotions.  Allentan maintains a high level of fresh stock so customers always have access to great moisturizers for their skin.  Ken explained that at some salons 20 minutes of tanning produces very little color because the bulbs are not properly maintained.  At Allentan, the bulbs are not rotated, but consistently replaced with new bulbs.  The retired bulbs are then recycled.  Although the recycling costs the salon, Ken and Mike are as dedicated to the environment as they are to Allentan.  Ken might not have the bumper sticker, but he lives the ideal: think globally and act locally.

Allentan | 466 Franklin Street | Buffalo, NY | 716.884.2826

Written by Buffalo Rising

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