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High on SB

I have been flattened by a stomach sickness since last Thursday
along with most of my family. They have mostly bounced back but it took me
until today to finally started to feeling normal again.  That being the
case, I naturally I thought I would try and write up a story for BRO.  Thing
is, I still don’t have the mental energy to think too much yet.  So
instead of writing something overly profound, I thought I would simply share
these few images of South Buffalo.  I have rarely flown over the south
side coming into Buffalo, so these views were a rare treat about a year ago.  I love how views from high up like this shot
pull things together.  Places that seem so separate from the ground seem
so close and connected from the air–so much smaller.  I also love the
textures created and the way things are organized by the street patterns.


air 3.jpg

The stream is Cazenovia Creek.   It flows freely though Caz
Park until it’s captured by its rigidly engineered embankments.  South
Buffalo is mostly made up of houses of uniform size. The large stand-out buildings
are South Park High and Mercy Hospital.  The main streets of South
Buffalo: South Park, Abbott Road, McKinley Parkway, and a segment of Seneca
Street as it passes into West Seneca, are all visible.  Some day I would
like to study the pattern of development in South Buffalo because older areas
often hop scotch newer areas.  For instance, there are clusters of
relatively newer houses along the engineered creek banks.  Was new land
opened for development when the creek was contained?  Anyway, that was too
much thinking.  Enjoy!

air 6.jpg

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