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Buffalo Again Shines Brightly in New York Magazine

wave of positive publicity for Buffalo continues to roll in with New York

touting the Queen City in an article titled “The Under-400-Mile Escape“.  

the article that showcases “Seven cheap, exciting, nearby spring trips,”
Buffalo is highlighted under the category of “Urban Explorers.” The piece
mentions the new Burchfield Penney Art Center, the new Toshiko Mori-designed
visitor center at the Darwin D. Martin House Complex, Erie Canal Harbor, The
Anchor Bar, and The Mansion on Delaware as places New York City residents may
want to visit when escaping from the Big Apple.

latest article continues a recent surge of positive media stories about Buffalo
from the national media. The same New York Magazine
published an article
last October called “Where the Urban Dream Life Is Going Cheap.” The piece
examined former New York City residents who moved to Buffalo because of the
city’s affordability and quality of life. As many people recall, The New
York Times
published a spectacular three-page article entitled “Saving
Buffalo’s Untold Beauty.” In early January, the Times
did a repeat
performance proclaiming Buffalo as one of the “44 Places to Visit in 2009.”

success certainly has many fathers, the Buffalo Niagara Convention &
Visitors Bureau, as part of their on-going media relations campaign, was
instrumental in assisting with the most recent New York Magazine
article and the The
New York Times

Image: FLW Martin House. Long view of Winged Victory by ECB.

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