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Bridging Medical Research

The overhead pedestrian transport bridge between the Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute and the NYS Center for Excellence is almost complete. I snapped this shot as workers were busy adding the final details to the walkway. I must say that the building connector looks a lot better than a few of the older styles still found in and around the city. The green glass mirrors the modern look of both buildings, and bridges more than just Ellicott Street.

Some might say that these types of overpasses take away from the vibe of the city – instead of people walking the sidewalks they are kept away from a city’s daily urban grind. I would think that this bridge would be helpful for interaction between the two complexes… especially for lab coat technicians who might not have time to throw on a warm coat every time they need to get to the neighboring building. Plus, lab specimens could be at risk along with valuable equipment when crossing the street.

As for these overhead transport tubes in general, I can see pros and cons for adding more of these to connect downtown public buildings. I’m kinda torn. They look nice and serve a purpose, but I also like to see activity on the sidewalks. Regardless, in this scenario, the sky bridge most likely serves a purpose that will increase the productivity of the entire Medical Campus research complex… and that’s a good thing.


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