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Nelson Starr’s All Access Pass Part 2: Chocolate!

Starr of is at it again
, sucking up all
sorts of chocolate around the City of Buffalo, with his 2nd
installment of his
All Access Pass

Starr and filmmaker John Paget explore the past, present, and
future of chocolate at 3 separate venues. 
In Starr’s words, “The cool thing is that each place represents all
three tenses – in that each
venue has a different, unique perspective on where we’ve been, where we are,
and where we’re going in terms of chocolate and the preparation and
proliferation thereof.   And all were a treat to visit and taste in! 
Thanks to the proprietors and staff of Fowlers, Chocolate Bar, and Chow

A behind-the-scenes look at Fowler’s Chocolates is fascinating.  No one will ever look at the swirls on
top of their chocolates again without thinking of the work that goes into
forming them.  What a job!

admittedly “seriously OD’d on chocolate” and you’ll see what he means
when the daunting task of finishing off a huge Chocolate Bar “Mega
Chocolatini,” made with vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and homemade ganache
almost puts one over the chocolate-loving edge.  Sized for 2 (or more), watching one man try to polish off
the sweet, chocolaty drink is almost painful.  On to fondue and a Molten Lava Chocolate Cake.  When the cocoa-orgy was over, Starr was
rewarded with a “Nobody Knows the Truffles I’ve Seen” T-shirt.  We believe it.

Starr visits one of my absolute favorite chocolate haunts, Chow Chocolate, on
the 700 block of Main Street. 
Jasmine Tea and Habanero Chocolates at the Bon Bon Bar inside Chow
Chocolate are among the most wondrous and happy-making things I’ve ever tasted,
and Starr gives a great tour, including tango by Travis Widrick.  Scott and Jaclyn Wisz, owners of Chow,
have it all going on, and I hope this video draws more people to this amazing otherworldly destination in Buffalo. 
In fact, Travis will be at Chow Chocolate tonight.  Chocolate and tango–that’s a beautiful double-header. 

to go, Nelson!  

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