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Feeling the cash crunch? Andiamo!

If you’re looking for an excellent meal at a completely reasonable price, you must try Andiamo! I had not paid a visit to the restaurant since they first opened last July, and for the life of me I can’t justify why. I recently brought a friend who lives between Buffalo and New York. It just so happened that she offered to take me out to lunch if I was willing to choose the place. Since she was fairly new to living in Buffalo (even part time), I wanted to introduce her to a restaurant that was nice, but would not end up breaking the bank. I remembered that Andiamo! was somewhat reasonable, and I knew that the atmosphere was actually quite nice.

When we walked first walked into the restaurant I remember thinking to myself, “Oh man, I’m pretty sure that the prices were reasonable… maybe I should have double checked.” If you’re not familiar with the place, you may want to go back and read my original post. There’s really no other place like Andiamo! in the city. The wood, the lighting, the building, the food… it’s just a nice place to be. Since this was a casual lunch (I was wearing jeans, though most tables were occupied by suits), we ordered a couple of casual meals. The tuna fish sandwich was the selection of the day… and a couple of bottomless coffees of course. The sandwiches came with hand cut fries, but in hindsight the meals were so large that I don’t think we even needed the fries. The service was superb, the sandwiches were about as big as a they get (and very delicious), and the atmosphere was just right.

So what do you think a meal like this costs? When my friend looked at the bill she stared for what must have been a minute. Then she looked at me… then back at the bill. I swear that I almost reached into my pocket for some money. Then she handed me the slip. The total read $17.38. We both scanned the paper to see if our waitress had left anything off, but she hadn’t. Two bottomless cups of coffee, two monster sandwiches, a hoard of hand cut fries, water with lemon… all under 20 bucks! If you’re feeling the cash crunch these days, and don’t want to limit your cheap eats to greasy diners, just know that there is a fantastic option in downtown Buffalo where the food is as nice as the atmosphere, and the prices are almost absurd. My friend told me that she could book a flight to Buffalo and eat at Andiamo! for what it would cost to eat at some of the NYC standbys… and Andiamo! is nice enough where it wouldn’t be an outrageous gesture.

Unfortunately, a cab fare from the airport to downtown is still outrageously expensive. Until someone can figure out a solution (like… um… get rid of the airport cab monopoly), low airfares are undermined by high cab costs. A cab fare from the airport to Andiamo! is twice as much as a lunch for two! Can you say Metro Rail extension?

Ristorante Ristorante | 69 Delaware Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14202 (716) 332-1840

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