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Campus Construction Watch

Those of you who like to see signs of construction progress in the form of structural steel, a drive from Canisius High School to D’Youville College should whet your appetite. It looks as if the buildings are neck in neck – top photo shows progress on the Canisius Math and Science Wing, while the bottom photo features the D’Youville’s academic building.

Comment on Canisius project left by AFdf in September:

I’m a Junior at CHS and although the additions probably won’t be
completed until a year after I graduate I’m glad that Canisius is
upgrading the campus. Space has been gradually getting tight around the
school as more and more students gravitate to this high school, so the
new wing and gym will be great for future classes. The design plans
look very appealing also, just as those for the field in West Seneca
(almost completed now). Both of these projects have captured the need
and spirit of the school. I can’t wait to see the results…

I tried to find a benign comment left on the last D’Youville post, but the thread was primarily a battle over whether the college’s expansion into the neighborhood was thoughtful or not. Both Canisius and D’Youville are landlocked. I still can’t believe that Canisius built an athletics field in West Seneca – I hear that they were looking at land owned by the Ambassador Bridge Group. Maybe they should have waited for that land to free up. Or maybe LaSalle Park could have been an option. As for D’Youville, I liked what Joshua had to say (last year) about reusing a building on Connecticut Street in the future:

Why don’t they (D’Youville) invest in old Horsefeathers building. #1, It is
already built, #2: It is already a part of the fabric of the
neighborhood. I would be most in favor of the immediate reuse of the Horsefeathers
building for classroom space. Plus there is also some parking next to
the building, so if DYC wanted to expand on the building or use it as
parking spots it is already readily available.

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