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Comment of the Day: Who Devotes Time to the Community?

BacktoBuffalo stated: I wish I could create a poll on this site. I would like to know how many people who post to this site actually take an active role in improving their lot, their block, their neighborhood, their city, and their county. Stop complaning and run for mayor, run for council person, organize a block clean-up weekend – get in there and make a difference. Sorry, a part-time planner for Masiello has no credibility to attack an administration that has brought in outside planning talent to help US turn this place around.

It was seconded by Blackrocklifer.  

This, of course, is something BR would have no way of knowing unless our commenters volunteered the information, and then we have no way of measuring for accuracy.  Still, we’ll venture a guess that the response will be high toward volunteerism, given our demographic.  In fact, many of the entities who ask us to publicize their events, such as Literacy Volunteers, think we have a treasure trove of community activists and volunteers buzzing our boards.

So, without giving up your identities, who would like to answer BacktoBuffalo.  The wish may have been more statement than question, but it’s worth putting out there: Who here raises their hand when there’s a job to be done for the benefit of the greater good?

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