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Students for Peace

By Cory Bartos

Students for Peace and a coalition of other local activist groups will be exercising our right to peacefully assemble in front of Sen. Schumer’s office at 130 S. Elmwood this Friday the 16th at 4:00PM, to protest the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip.  

We invite the public to join us in telling our representatives that we do not support war, and demand an immediate cease-fire. In addition to the slaughter of children and use of archaeic WWI-era bombs, $44 million of our tax dollars has gone to military aid in Israel in 2008 while none of this goes to humanitarian aid, nor does it maintain our own health and education admist the growing state budget crisis.  

We favor neither side, and support a 2-state solution; with Lebanon now involved, and Iran fanning the flames, The US could soon be drawn into yet another middle-east war whose ends will benefit no one; we’re already funding this war — do we really want to send troops in as well?

Buffalo’s local issues face the rest of the nation, yet Buffalo has more experience here because issues like home foreclosure, tuition hikes, and public utility issues have been ever present in WNY.  This seems unrelated to war or the Peace Movement at first, but it’s not; the cash, the effort, and the time our officials spend on military aid to other nations is exorbitant; however, the same time, money, and effort could be used for green projects, education, healthcare, and other issues right here at home.  

Students for Peace will continue to take action on the anti-war effort, resisting tax and NFTA fare hikes, keeping education affordable at home while still supporting humanitarian aid abroad, and hope you’ll join us.

Again, these issues may seem unrelated, but it’s the 21st century — the world is smaller, we have a global village and marketplace, a global economy… In the 21st Century, local problems ARE global problems.

If you’re interested in volunteering for some of our projects, please contact Clifford Cawthon:

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