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PriceRite – Submit Your Suggestions

Back in September we first posted on PriceRite coming to Elmwood Avenue’s Stuyvesant Plaza (formerly Latina’s). Shortly after that, we discovered that a building on the site was most likely coming down – that building, though architecturally insignificant, offered an aesthetic buffer in front of the truck loading bays (see post). When the building came down, the noticeable garish appearance of the building’s ‘rear end’ was unfortunately inescapable. Though PriceRite now has better access for product deliveries, the public is faced with an even more nondescript building and a massive sea of parking in front. Doesn’t Elmwood deserve better?

The other day I called Justin Azzarella, Director of the Elmwood Village Association. I asked him if he knew of any site improvement plans that would help to soften the look of the building and the parking lot. He told me that he was planning on attending an upcoming meeting with Price Rite and developer Benchmark. I felt that that was encouraging news and asked if BRO readership could help provide some suggestions pertaining to the front of the market. Justin agreed that suggestions would be helpful. “Why not open the process up electronically to a wide range of citizens,” Justin shared. “And condense the comments to a few key suggestions.  I could then include these suggestions on behalf of those that comment via BRO when I attend the meeting.”

Remember, these are only suggestions, but hey, you never know if a couple ideas might stick. After all, I feel that there are a lot of people who won’t step through the front doors of this market due to its… jacked up nature? So it’s your turn to be an armchair designer with hopes that we can finally (wishful thinking?) get something that resembles an attractive supermarket on Elmwood Avenue. I wish PriceRite all the luck in the world, but at the same time, it takes more than luck to make a market desirable. After all, how many people do you know who wrap a nice present in old newspaper and expect someone to open it (unless they are being environmentally responsible)?

And no, they won’t knock it down and build it back up to the sidewalk.

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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