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Miracle-working isn’t on his to-do list.

BRO viewer submission by Erin Collins:

January 20, 2009 was truly a day for the history books. The first African American president of the United States was sworn into office, a man who has promised change for the better. So many Americans are counting on him. He gave us hope and now we wait for the promises to be kept. In a city like Buffalo with so much to hope for, Obama has high expectations to meet.

The media has been all over the historical significance of this event. Some people are annoyed by the hype and think it’s been taken too far. Others don’t believe Barack Obama will bring about the dramatic changes the country is looking for. They talk of disappointment and failure instead of hope and change.

To all of the neigh-sayers, I say bah humbug. Are you sick of hearing about how history is being made? Turn off your t.v. and read a book. Maybe you’ll tune back in when a negative story makes headlines again. It won’t be long, we are in a recession after all. For now, let the rest of the country enjoy positive news while it lasts.

Does the connection to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. make you roll your eyes? I hope they don’t get stuck in the back of your head. Dr. King was murdered a mere forty years ago and now a black man is president of this country. That’s a big deal.

Does, “Yes we can!” make your stomach turn? Perhaps it’s because you can’t connect to millions of your fellow Americans who have joined together in celebration. When is the last time we had something to collectively celebrate as a country? It’s been a long time. I’m sorry that you can’t be happy with the rest of us, but don’t put a damper on our party. Occasions like this don’t happen every day.

Are you tired of Obama being portrayed as a God-like savior who is going to fix the world’s problems with the snap of his fingers? So am I. He’s not and not all Obama supporters think that way. The ones that do are loopy. He is a man with many flaws just like the rest of us. He will do many things in the next four years, but miracle-working isn’t on his to-do list.

Personally, my greatest hopes for the Obama administration include an end to the Iraq war and an economic upturn. I don’t expect either of these things to happen over night. Change is difficult and painstakingly slow. America must be patient and remember that whatever happens, it has to be better than the past eight years.

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