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Buffalo Wishes 2008. Buffalo Wishes 2009

As promised, following are the 20+ New Year Wishes posted at this time last year. Check them out and see how many came true. And be sure to leave another New Year Wish behind for the year 2009. My wish? Well, I already stated (in an earlier post) that I wanted to see a Pizza Plant open in the city. I think I’ll add one more: For 2009 I want to see Grant Street make a comeback.

Photo of the 20th First Night Celebration – January 1st, 2009: Each year photographer Joe Cascio sends us his latest and greatest New Year ball drop photo. If you missed last year’s shot, here it is. From Joe:

“Enjoy the pic from the ball drop festivities in Downtown Buffalo tonight where thousands packed into Roosevelt Square to ring in the New Year.”

Here is the wish list posted for Buffalo one year ago on BRO:

Wilby: My wish for Buffalo in 2008? Very simple: To get home to it.

urbansoul: Parking Lot btwn. Ellicott and Washington transforms into something amazing. Or, just something.

NBJOHN: For Buffalo, More well paying white collar jobs in the city.
For the region Lower taxes

TDSBLO: This is a pretty broad wish, but If we can’t grow, I wish for the city to “shrink to greatness.”

Joshua: Where do I start? I guess I need to focus on short term goals or
wishes. A goal or wish I have for the City in 2008 is that different
neighborhoods in Buffalo continue to improve, in terms of people moving
into them and fix and retain the housing stock. Another one would be
that more businesses find the value of opening up in the City and thus
people patronizing them.

sbrof: I think I will wish for the region to really stand up, and stand
together. Enough robbing peter to pay paul, enough fighting about
revenue, poverty, sex offender housing or the environment. Wouldn’t it
be nice for the region.. this is our home, and living next to a dying
city isn’t something I want. Many issues plaguing the city, the city
itself, can never hope to solve on its own but supportive and
collaborative region could easily wipe them clean. We should take
strives to do what is right for everyone this year. Not just whats good
for me, myself and I.

MRodgers: For businesses located in the city to realize the impact and positives
of working within the community and neighborhoods that surround them –
partner with groups that prove they are doing a solid job, invest in
the surrounding streets, become part of the neighborhoods. A win-win
for all parties.

al-alo: i just want to get the rest of the trim painted on my house. . .

BetterThanDetroit: for city hall and Erie County spend their money on local businesses,
not just MBE/WBE businesses, but local. Make LOCAL a pre-requisit for
even being on the RFP lists.

chris69: what
is my hope for Buffalo in 2008, well its simple, its to continue the
momentum in Buffalo that its greatest value is the dedication and
productivity of its citizens as well as its deep history and
culture…..rather than its Albany appointments, its unions, its
patronage and political machines. We need to stop rewarding the insiders with ever increasing taxpayer
benefits….and demand the money be put towards civic projects that
invest in jobs and invest in communities. Issa, Iskala, Seneca, Palladino build your towers! UB build more centers for excellence, lets say in 5 different subject areas as a goal. NFTA and GBNRTC build your light rail extensions. Benderson and others we need millions of square feet of warehouse space and industrial space….and we need it built. oh and BECHS …. we need historical richness rebuilt from LaSalles Griffon all the way to a Pan Am fountain.

JohnB: A concerted effort by Buffalo and the region to plan for the upcoming 200th anniversary of the war of 1812.

dixiechick: Wow! what a great discussion! And I agree that it is so right to
start with short term goals, because they can have such a huge impact.
Here are my wishes. They may be simple, but sometimes that is what is
needed the most.
I wish to see block clubs and community organization continue their
good work, but not be divisive, and start to work together. Power in
numbers. Neighbors taking care of neighbors. If an elderly, or injured person
lives near you, shovel the walk, When a new kid/family moves into your
neighborhood, welcome them. Look those kids in the eye, say hello, talk
to them…that lets them know you care, and are both watching out for
them and watching their activities too. I wish that when a kid comes to your door, asking if they can
(shovel snow, rake leaves, mow the grass etc, for a little cash to go
to the movies perhaps) that whether or not we need the help, we say
YES. This is an idea that is fading away….it is something that still
happens in our neighborhood, and these kids are willing to help, and
earn some bucks, and that makes them feel a parrt of the neighborhood,
and good things happen when kids feel valued. Find a way to get kids
and families involved in your neighborhood. Usually, that makes those
kds give a hoot about where they live, and what goes on there. Share stories with these kids…find out what they care about.
Oftentimes they don’t have the best family life, but one person in a
neighborhood can make a difference. Just by taking the time to talk with
a kid. Doesn’t take much of your time at all. You might be surprised.
Don’t preach, meet them where they are, and give them the space and
time to talk with you instead of talking back at you. I’ve done it,
seen it work, and I wish more folks would consider this the next time
you meet a new kid on the block. Buffalo will rise first through our neighborhood communities. It
only takes a vary small investment of our time to grow a big investment
for our city.

ktl2277: I wish for a shovel in the ground at the Gates Circle condo site! The world to notice (in an absolutely huge way) the spectacular
achievement in the Darwin Martin restoration, what I mean by this is
that we have something that should draw in so many tourists I hope 2008
is the start of that draw. I’m talking about 250K paid visitors!

dpbflo: My 2008 wish for buffalo would be for someone to plan/invest/build a
concert venue (big one) in buffalo. Ideally an amphitheater on the
water -maybe the freezer queen location.

Martin: Lower taxes for the city and county, industry to take a keen hold on
the area for job growth, people to take an interest in keeping the
streets clean and a killer Prada store on Elmwood.

urbanesque: My hope for 2008 is that Erie County and the City of Buffalo take
steps towards ownership of our natural resources. The Steel Winds
project is a foot in the door, we sit on one of the largest fresh water
reserves in the world and potentially one of the largest “Green” energy
producing systems in the world (wind, solar, hydro), let’s leverage
this to make Buffalo the obvious place to live in the future. Take
control of the Erie County Water Authority, reduce costs and waste,
improve governance and control, to give residents the lowest water
rates in the country. Do the same with the Power Authority to give us
some of the lowest electricity costs in the nation. Increase governance and control of our finances, reduce county and
local government waste and make Buffalo a more competitive place to do
business. We control part of that and can set the tone for the rest of
the state. This is not too much to ask for in the next 359 days.

Hospitable: Somewhere to shop on a regular basis in the city….Prada on Elmwood… what an idea
To make history and live in the 51st state.. Western New York..
Traffic on main…

Prodigal-Son: For Buffalo to grow, if only by one, to be bigger than the year before.
Investors and others won’t fully believe in this town until, for the
first time in 40 years, just one year we’re bigger than the year

Arete: For the region to develop a national reputation as a destination for
learning institutions, whether they be local colleges and universities,
private and independent schools, the Albright-Knox or the new
Burchfield-Penney, the Science Learning organization in the Trimain
building, the Science Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright structures, or the
thousands of artists, educators, scientists, architects, designers,
business people, etc all working to move our culture forward.

Greetingcard: To follow up on Hospitable…to get national retailers on Elmwood to
anchor lesser known local businesses to give everyone a chance to
succeed. Also, to stop the bickering over new vs. old buildings and

Archer: Fire the head of Parking Violations Bureau, Leonard Sciolino. He is a
mumbling and bumbling joke who lets officers prey on downtown residents
and visitors with unwarranted parking violations then makes up excuses
why they are getting ticketed. Now thats how you get people to live
downtown! Bravo!

xosder: Would love to see the start of development of the outer harbor as Rte 5
/ Fuhrman Blvd get reconstructed. First project isthe former Freezer
Queen site, which is in good local and capable hands, and looks like it
is going to be redeveloped into something very cool and spectacular.
After the infrastructure is built and the Freezer Queen site is being
redeveloped, other projects will follow.

bison716: A good to go on ISSA”S TOWER! Period.

Joshua: Another event, if you will, that I would be interested in happening is
a Buffalo Rising party in 2008. I missed the last one and I would be
very interested in meeting some of those who love and appreciate what
is going on in the City. As some of those have stated before, power in

Written by queenseyes


Newell Nussbaumer is 'queenseyes' - Eyes of the Queen City and Founder of Buffalo Rising. Co-founder Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts. Co-founder Powder Keg Festival that built the world's largest ice maze (Guinness Book of World Records). Instigator behind Emerald Beach at the Erie Basin Marina. Co-created Flurrious! winter festival. Co-creator of Rusty Chain Beer. Instigator behind Saturday Artisan Market (SAM) at Canalside, Buffalo Porchfest, and Paint vs. Paint. Founder of The Peddler retro and vintage market on Elmwood. Instigator behind Liberty Hound @ Canalside. Throws The Witches Ball at Statler City, the Hertel Alley Street Art Festival, and The Flutterby Festival.

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