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BR Exclusively Online

The numbers are in, and BRO saw nearly 2 million visits in 2008.  Yes, you helped to make us one of the fastest-growing websites in the area, and we thank you.  With knowledge, however, comes change.  We are putting all of our energies into our website, while bidding a fond farewell to the print version of Buffalo Rising.

Here’s what we know:

– Our website is daily; our magazine is monthly.
– Our website covers news; our magazine covers features that later go up on the website. 

– Our website allows us to know what you read and what you like; our magazine doesn’t allow us to see what you read. 

– Our website is available to anyone in the world with a computer and interest in Buffalo; our magazine is in local coffee shops and stores. 

– Our website allows readers to comment and opens up whole new community discussions about where we live; our magazine is nice to read when you’re alone.

– Our website creates no waste. 

On that note, schools and organizations who like to use BRM as a teaching or promotional tool should drop by for back issues now because we won’t be printing any more, effective immediately.
Even though we’re heartened by the few people we run into each week who tell us they love the magazine (and we do too), it’s hard to make a case for it when the website is so highly visited, and those visits are documented.
You, the faithful, have had a chance to check out the new site for a month now.  It has more information channels and new features – including giving users the ability to post directly to events.  And soon, we’ll have restaurant and retail guides.  We can make everyone  – advertisers, readers and writers – happier right here.  Who could ask for anything more?
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