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WBFO and BRO: Buffalo Bucks, County Government Dysfunction, Rusty Chain and Bike Racks and 2 New Coffee Shops

Newell and I met up with WBFO News Director Mark Scott for our weekly Buffalo Rising Round Table. We discussed Buffalo First‘s Amy Kedron’s initiative to infuse the local economy via Buffalo Bucks. Amy’s idea of printing Buffalo-centric dollars for that extra boost to area shop owners appeals to us. Buffalo First also put out a coupon book recently; $10 gives purchasers the potential for $2,500 in savings.
It was a touchy week in county government, when the legislature overrode the county executive’s budget vetoes. If the goings-on were to receive a report card, we’d have to hand out failing grades for following directions, basic problem solving in math and getting along well with others. There are disputes that hinge on the legislature saying that Collins shifted dollars to departments where they didn’t belong, and that he didn’t follow Erie County Cultural Resources Advisory Board (ECCRAB) recommendations. The economy is tough – was there ever a better time to pull together and get along?
Rusty Chain and bike racks – Newell made it happen. The beer is flowing, the dollars are coming in and the racks are being formed and going up. Newell has been contacted by other locales to ask how he did it. A model? We think so.
We ended on a sweet note – talking about Prish Moran’s Sweet_ness 7 Café on Grant Street and the great potential for more business and residential there. And if you haven’t seen it yet, The 2nd Cup, in the Buehl, is open and lovely as can be.
The weekly show that airs on WBFO on Monday mornings is a mere five minute segment of this much longer podcast (where Mark likes to say we have a lot more fun), so when you have 20 minutes or so to spare, give it a listen. Kudos to Mark for his master editing skills.

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