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Dave Schulz returns to Buffalo from LA Sunday

C O Jones to perform at the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame 2008 Reunion Benefit at the Lafayette Tap Room.

The Class of 2008 is back. If you missed them at the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame (BMHOF) 25th Anniversary Induction Gala at the Tralf this past October,  you get to see them perform again at the Lafayette Tap Room this Sunday at 4:00 PM.

C O Jones last performed at an electric performance at the Mohawk Place in October. You will have another chance to see them on one of the slowest entertainment days of the year, the Sunday after Christmas. The show starts just after the Buffalo Bills game at Ralph Wilson Stadium lets out. Presale donations of $10 are available at the BMHOF website, or in person at the Lafayette Tap Room, $15 day of show.  
Inductees will be performing in these band lineups Sunday, with inductee year in parentheses, along with noted achievements: 
C O Jones inductees:
Dave Schulz (Class of 2008), toured with the Goo Goo Dolls, Dave is based out of LA, founder of C O Jones.
Gretchen Schulz (2008), Dave’s sister,  Pine Dogs, Everything Counts, originals can be heard these days at the Sportsmen’s Tavern.
Jerry Livingston (2008), Rick James’ bands.

The rest of the lineup is kept secret until showtime, but always a who’s who of the Buffalo music scene. 
Party Squad (1993) inductees:
Joe Rozler (2008), composer of over 100 jingles, Manowar, founding partner of Party Squad.
Bob James (2008), War is Over, Music is Action.
The Morvells inductees:
Gretchen Schulz (2008), Morvells, will be doing double duty today reuniting with the Morvells.
Ed Bentley (2008), Rockabilly Hall of Fame, the Tunerockers, Ed Bentley Music.
Dave Constantino (1983) and the Reinhardts inductee:
Tom Reinhardt (2008), Gamalon, Rodan.
With so many legendary jam sessions at the Lafayette Tap Room who knows what surprise guests might pop up and join in?
As this is a benefit, there will be BMHOF cds and dvds of past events available.

Check out these raffle prizes!:
A guitar signed by all of the Class of 2008 in attendance.
Five hours of studio time at Outer Limits Recording Studio.
Just released BMHOF 2008 Gala DVD, BMHOF Volume One CD, BMHOF tshirt.
Just released WBFO 88.7FM Wednesday On The Border Wednesday Night Live Concerts Volume 1, On The Border black tshirt.
The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame (BMHOF) mission is to showcase the talents of its inductees, and to create a physical museum in downtown Buffalo, and not just a virtual one. This kicks off the 2008-2009 Spotlight Concert Series, a collaboration with the Lafayette Tap Room. The next event in the series is tentatively scheduled for March 2009.  
Whether you are a fan of the Buffalo Sound, a groupie, a budding Hendrix, in the business, and autograph hound, or a dancer, there is something for everybody here, a music lover’s delight.

Above: Dave Schulz performing at the Tralf this past October as he was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame (BMHOF)    

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