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What’s With the White House Furniture?

So I was looking at the recent picture of Obama and Bush sitting together in the Oval Office and could not help but think about the furniture in this famous room. Knowing that much of the White House furniture has come from Buffalo’s Kittinger Furniture through the years, you are probably saying to yourselves, “Oh boy here comes BRO with another of its endless string of saccharin Buffalo puff pieces”. Well sorry to disappoint.
Though Buffalo certainly can point to Kittinger’s White House legacy with pride, what I was actually thinking was that this famous room does not have one piece of modern furniture in it. More precisely it does not have any of the iconic mid-century pieces designed by prolific husband and wife designers Charles and Rae Eames. Why do you think that is?


Charles and Rae Eames together revolutionized furniture design and technology in the late 1940’s through 1950’s. Their furniture designs are still produced today, selling more than ever even with astronomical price tags. Sitting in an Eames chair is like experiencing heaven. Every contour and material feeds the soul with sculptural beauty while exceeding the needs of human comfort. Though the Eamse furniture designs are over half a century old they appear as fresh and contemporary as they day they were first unveiled. Eames furniture collection is world renowned as a symbol of American creativity and ingenuity and yet, as far I know, not one of these beautiful pieces of furniture has ever graced the rooms of the White House. I wonder why.


Perhaps we have become a fearful nation, a nation looking back on past glory instead of ahead to what is possible. I wonder if President Elect Obama will bring some Eamse furniture in with him. He would be the one to do it if any president would. Lets hope for change INSIDE the White House. Those frumpy sofas have to go. Perhaps a Florence Knoll desk in lieu of that hunk of wood as well. That would be change I could believe in.

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