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The Can’t-Miss Restaurant in Buffalo

Restaurants come and go. Obviously they can’t all succeed. When people find out about a new restaurant some say “good luck” and others say “I give it a year.” But what’s an idea for a new restaurant that couldn’t possibly fail in Buffalo? In other words, what would be a “can’t-miss” restaurant in Buffalo? Would the key be a particular concept? Some sort of gimmick?
I love ideas about restaurants but you’d never see me open one. First, because I have no capital. Second, because I don’t know how to run a business. But I do love throwing around ideas. What’s the kind of new restaurant that you think would be a perfect fit in Buffalo? What would be on the menu? What kind of atmosphere would it be? Where would it be located?
About ten years ago I had a horrible idea for a restaurant that I would have named “Grubbies.” The concept was to have customers bring in their own CD’s and the restaurant would play what the customers wanted to hear. The name “Grubbies” had nothing to do with the concept–it was just slang that my friends and I used when we were hungry, as in “Let’s go get some grubbies.” I know, I know, it was a ridiculous idea and the restaurant wouldn’t have lasted a week. But I still like to think about ideas for restaurants.
So what’s your idea for a “can’t-miss” restaurant in Buffalo?

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