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So, I was tooling around BRO today and clicked on an ad. I must admit I rarely click on internet ads but one caught my eye for some reason. I clicked and this wondrous vision came to my attention. This fabulous Linwood Avenue 2 bedroom apartment is going for just $900 -HEAT INCLUDED! It is very rare treat to see inside Buffalo’s great buildings and private spaces (and I wish I had higher resolution pictures of this one). As I noted in my recent “Growing Up City” piece, one can be quite astonished by these Buffalo interiors. This building is a great example of what I was talking about. If this is the building I think it is this gorgeous interior is an amazing contrast to its dark heavy exterior. These rooms are like being in a heavenly cloud.
Even though the economy is crashing and realestate around the country is in the dumper this is still a comparably crazy low price for a place like this. Buffalo would certainly not wish its crappy economy on its worst enemies (Maybe Charlotte). But there is this real estate advantage that the people of Buffalo have. You can be Joe the Plumber in Buffalo and live like Joe the Wall Street scam artist. An apartment like this would be 2 to 4 times this much in many other cities. It would be untouchable for less than $5000 / month in Chicago. Live it up Buffalo a place like this is an unattainable dream in many places.

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