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“Complex Compost” Opens at ArtSpace

The latest art exhibition at ArtSpace, “Complex Compost,” reflects and encourages a growing local interest in reuse and renewal. From the abstract to the absurd, there is something for everyone at this show. “Complex Compost” features the artworks of four emerging local artists, each using found objects as a medium to translate the material language of our surroundings. By placing discarded objects into innovative, unfamiliar contexts, each artist interprets the boundary between trash and treasure and its place in our daily environment.
The strength of the exhibition lies in the diversity of materials and mediums used to comment on a common theme. In all of the artworks, objects once rejected become celebrated, examined and reassigned into new meanings. Each artist contributes their individual vision and technique to the show, providing a wide range of ideas, voices and imagery.
The tone of the works ranges from witty to nostalgic, political to curious. While Viktoria Ciostek’s photographs interpret scenes of urban neglect from across the world, Kara Daving’s paintings of jellyfish utilize plastic bags as a canvas, providing commentary on the presence of ocean pollution, among many other topics. Scott Bye’s sculptural works present visual puns that both challenge and amuse the viewer, whereas Oreen Cohen’s paintings provide a dreamlike, abstracted contemplation of found objects and their relation to the environment. Each artist provides a layered look at the theme of environmental renewal, a topic particularly relevant to this city. Despite the wide range of techniques and styles, these artists have managed to successfully demonstrate their individuality while also creating a cohesive show.
There will be an opening reception at ArtSpace on Saturday, November 29th from 6-9 pm. The show will run from November 29 through December 20. Gallery hours are Fridays and Sundays, 12-4 pm. Head over and check out the new ArtSpace gallery and support your local artists!

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