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What if you had the ultimate brewing space?

Are you currently working with less-than-enough BTUs on your stove? Hauling the turkey burner out to the garage? Got bottles piling up in the basement, fermenting at the current temperature, whatever it may be? Find yourself short on malt, or missing a key piece of equipment, in the middle of a brew? Want to get a crew together to brew a 55-gal batch of Flemish Sour Red? Hankerin’ to start yeast ranching?
Ever hear of a Brew-On-Premises? It’s basically a commercial enterprise at which you make a single batch of beer, come back in a few weeks, bottle it, come back in a few weeks, take it home. Not especially viable as a business, it turns out, but as a model for a home-brewing co-op, it’s brilliant.
The BHC is a project to find (rent/buy) a space for operating a members-only, cooperatively owned and operated homebrewing workshop. With 2500-3000 sqft, we’ll be able to build-out fermenting rooms at 2-3 sustained temperatures, a yeast banking and propagation area, 3-4 brewing stations, a cleaning & sanitization site, a packaging station and of course, a relaxing area with bar and entertainment. We’ll maintain a brewing library, a computer with brewing software on it, and a website for scheduling, recipes, comments, and wiki for using various equipment & so forth.
There are many very specific details yet to be decided: location, the exact nature of equipment & build-out, organization (by-laws?), and of course most critically: cost. How many members, sharing how much available time and at what sort of price per year- or month, or batch, or…?
If you’re interested in helping to organize this effort, please contact me.
Our first organization meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 6th November at 7:00 pm, Upstairs at Mr. Goodbar 1110 Elmwood

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