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Great Discovery: The Book of Short Stories

This little book of short stories–written by fifth-graders in the buffalo Public Schools in 1931–fell into the hands of Los Angeles resident Buz Carter, via his sister. “After my sister’s father-in-law passed away, they were going through his things, and this little book ended up in the ‘toss’ pile,” Carter said.
“The more I Googled references in the book, I came to understand that this was made in Buffalo. The DLW Terminal gave it away,” Carter said. “Harry W. is the name in the bookplate. To the best of my knowledge, his last name was Waechter.”
There are many more author names in this book that are still in the Buffalo telephone directory, three and four generations later. The children whose writing is included in the anthology would be around 87 years old right now.
Carter did his homework, and his site provides background on Buffalo and the nation during the time in which the book was made. Some of the stories included are personal narratives, while others seem to be related to history lessons and other school matters.
You’ll be sure to love looking through the index for relatives’ names. And yes, you can read all 86 stories too!

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