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Buffalo Welcomes Back the Icy Demons

The Philadelphia and Chicago based Icy Demons are back, and this time they’re dominating Soundlab. Icy Demons include talented musicians, from other groups such as Bablicon member Griffin Rodriguez and former Need New Body and current Man Man drummer Chris Powell. The guys are talented and their music is… kind of a mystery. The Icy Demons have found a sound that defies any major categories. Their music is an infusion of jazz, reggae, electronic, dance and new age mind-blowing psychedelic sounds that will leave you in a satisfied state of confusion.
You might remember them from when they played at the independent art space called Kitchen Distribution in 2006. Their shows will keep you on your toes because these guys are masters at improvising and fusing their talents into one–congruently–right in front of your eyes. They started out playing improvised sessions back in the day, and today their styles fuse together as one to bring you not just great music, but an experience.
The Icy Demons are playing with Bev-Beverly tonight, July 23rd, 9PM, at Soundlab, a place known for booking all the best fringe musicians. Come out and experience this mysterious fusion. Don’t be surprised if you spend the beginning of the show trying to categorize the type of music that they play, but remember, you have to just enjoy it and take it all in. It’s only then that you’ll get the point of it all.

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