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WBFO and BRO: The Livery, the Lake and Bikes

As most of you know, the segments Newell and I do together with Mark Scott, News Director at WBFO, are taped on Friday for Monday broadcast. Most of our discussions involve a simple recap of the previous week in which stories were posted with some sort of resolution, while others are ongoing.
As of the taping, we had no idea whether the livery stable on Jersey Street would still be standing, or whether it would fall to the emergency demolition ordered by Commissioner Tobe. Though some tear down took place last weekend, a stay was ordered by Judge Gorski and the case went to appellate court in Rochester on Monday. (Still waiting on a callback from Rich on this.) There are so many updates on this that you may just want to search “livery” on our site if you’re not up to speed.
Next we discussed that body of water in the most beautiful of urban park settings, Hoyt Lake. Specifically, we talked about why it’s so dirty and who might be responsible for keeping it clean. Some days it’s a joy to behold, while others it’s a wretched mess. Sort of like those celebrity photos you see on the front of the National Enquirer while waiting in line at the supermarket. Newell looks at water here and here(this one comes with a poopie warning). I had a moment of Lake confusion during the interview, but I promised to study up and I have. We’re counting on Riverkeepers, the city, the county and, of course you, our fine citizens to help keep ours clean.
Bike much? We discussed bike safety and can’t stress enough how important it is for motorists, as well as bicyclists, to keep bicycle safety in mind. The sheer irony of people caring for their body and the environment, while taking their lives into their hands…
Hopefully, the Complete Streets initiative will make this discussion a thing of the past. Until then we hope bike riders follow the rules (especially the girl I almost clipped as she whizzed down the sidewalk) and that motorists yield to bikes. You’re bigger and potentially far more dangerous, so look behind you before you open that door.

Yep, I know the pic has nothing to do with the post. I just like it. I call it East Side Rainbow During Rainy Sunset.

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