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WBFO and BRO: Casino Night Shift, Green Industry, Queen City/Clean City, Downtown Venues and the New BRO

Newell and I met up with News Director Mark Scott at WBFO 88.7 FM for our weekly Buffalo Rising Round Table in order to recap the previous week’s posts on BRO.
Mark pointed out at the end of this week’s 25-minute taped broadcast that the podcast resulting from our discussions is carried on each of our web channels. It’s also a lot longer than the five minutes that airs.
And it’s usually full of interesting tidbits and bloopers. The previous week, when we were talking about the new beach at the Erie Basin Marina (which we talk about a lot because we were previously beach-starved), I outed myself as a former harness baby. I know, it sounds like I was hell-on-wheels, but I was really just small, stealthy and curious–along with being the last of five children (strategically spaced two years apart).
I spent my early years on the shores of Lake Michigan, and had a propensity for walking into the water when no one was looking–this when Disney had yet to get ahold of the Hans Christian Andersen tale of The Little Mermaid. So when Mark brought up safety issues at the beach, I went right to the harness days. I don’t even know if they’re allowed anymore…
The point is, Mark, Newell and I want you to listen to the entire podcast when you have a minute or 25 to lend an ear. You’ll hear a recap and learn things about what is going on in the City of Buffalo, as well as picking up tidbits about the people who live there.

Casino Night Shift
Green Industry
Queen City/Clean City
Downtown Venues: Above photo taken by Olivia Buscarino in the rainy aftermath of the last Thursday in the square. Try to fathom the number of people under each subway platform.

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