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Susan G. Komen Race to Honor Catherine Nagy

Breast cancer is an epidemic that takes hundreds of peoples lives every day, including our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, sons, husbands, brothers, and closest friends.
One thing it prompts is the drive to find a cure against its existence.
The 8th Annual Susan G. Komen Race is doing just that on Saturday, June 14. In this Western New York series, approximately 4,000 race supporters will be gathering at Delaware Park Rose Garden to run not only for Susan G. Komen the largest founder of breast cancer research in the country, but also to run up the dollar signs for this good cause.
Through the tying of shoelaces and the crossing of a finish line, the Western New York Affiliate of Race for the Cure has raised close to $2 million. 75% of the profits made have been awarded in grants and outreach programs focused on unmet health needs within Western New York, while the other 25% is pushed toward critical research through the Komen National Award Program.
This year’s race will be in honor of Catherine Nagy. Always a supporter of fundraising efforts for a good cause, her focus was shifted when her father and sister were diagnosed with breast cancer.
In response to the news, Nagy began participating in the Race for the Cure. Then, after Nagy’s first walk she too recognized a lump under her left nipple much like her father did so many years before.
Nagy underwent a lumpectomy and radiation to destroy the very cancer she was racing for. After this process she went about her normal life continuing her fundraising for many causes.
In her continuance of fundraising, Nagy found a light at the end of her tunnel when learning about Susan G. Komen for the cure of breast cancer. “I learned two things that made a deep impression on me,” Nagy stated. “One is that Komen is an organization formed by a promise to a sister, and second–that perhaps I could have a hand in making a future without breast cancer.”
Since her support of Komen, Nagy has raised $8,000 in donations, participated in the race and learned stories of hope and courage from other survivors.
Nagy also said, “I have met so many people on this journey and I am so grateful for all of them. The Komen cause and the research has played such a big part in the survivors that are here today.”
Her youngest grandson called her in tears, having learned that people with stage IV cancer usually don’t survive. Nagy’s hope is that one day breast cancer will be cured by the time her grandchildren have children of their own.
You can help Nagy fight this battle by going to and making a donation. You can also register as a runner or a walker through visiting this website.
Help make a breakthrough in the discovery of a cure for this cancer. As Nagy said, “The fight is for them.” For her, this means her grandchildren, but for us this means fighting for our future generations.
June 14
Delaware Park Rose Garden

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