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Segregation Perpetuation

By Eric Crittenden
This morning my heart fluttered. I was watching WGRZ’s Day Break, as I so often do by default because my wife likes it, and I realized that those public organizations that perpetuate segregation need to be exposed and held accountable. For a while now, every time I watched that program, this tension would build in me; the kind of tension that feels almost like you wished Grand Theft Auto was real; and you were the main. And it would usually happen during Kevin O’Neil’s segment, “Celebrating Western New York”. First of all, he’s not funny…not in the least and second, Western New York to him is all things Polish, German and Irish, forget about everything and everyone else.
Most of the time, unless it’s for some holiday or specific recognition, most minority news of any sort begins with “trouble” and ends with court, jail or death. Rarely are the feel-good stories generated out of WGRZ about the Asian, Hispanic, Arab or Black communities. The fact that I even have to point out a difference is pathetic. However, when all you see is ANOTHER story about ANOTHER privileged little white-kid from Orchard Park or Depew or Amherst who gets to go to Tokyo because he or she got an A; or yet ANOTHER story about senior citizens playing guitar on a rainy afternoon, I can’t be silent. I feel obligated to voice my opinion in hopes for a community solution. One very simple solution is to put the feel-good, celebratory stories on rotation. That way everyone and everything gets the coverage and is on equal terms.
This obviously isn’t just about WGRZ. This is clearly a much more complex issue than one organization and let’s face it – segregation is a two way street. The same thing could be said about EVERY news/media outlet in the entire country on some level. Watch the Today show lately? Or how about any of those stupid reality shows? I mean that is the summing up of the class system, race relations and socio-economic perception all wrapped up in one cute little hour of bullshit, sex and moronic behavior.
When you have the power to unite the people for a common good, than it is your responsibility to make sure ALL the news gets covered, even if it means taking your cameras, pen and suburban ass to the West-Side or East-Side, because it is after-all, The BUFFALO news, dig?

Editor’s note:
Eric sent this to me, writing in a preface that he doesn’t lump Buffalo Rising into the same category as the other outlets that he considers to be exclusionary. Admittedly, we cover Buffalo proper, but we do our best to cover it thoroughly under our own set of guidelines that lead us to the positive aspects of our community. We do post news that is less than positive when we think we have a source for a solution.
Eric has offered to be the source of African-American representation for BRO. We thank Eric for stepping up.


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