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More Proof Of Rising Real Estate

Back in January, Eli George wrote an article about rising real estate in Buffalo. It was a fairly hotly debated issue, as many felt that the real estate was not on the rise, but was in fact just some rich person’s home up for sale. Others cited facts from USA Today and personal anecdotes to vouch for the rise in the market.
Now, CNN Money weighs in saying that Buffalo/Niagara Falls is one of the 10 fastest growing real estate markets. Even more interesting is the fact that some of the other ten on their list include Rochester and Syracuse. The rest are fairly spread out across the country, but it is really awesome that three cities all right in the general vicinity of one another all made the top ten list. For all those doomsayers about Buffalo, it seems that CNN Money says otherwise.
With all the new condos and lofts being built as well as all the renovations being done on older buildings, is anyone really surprised? Score one for Buffalo.

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