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Let The Clearing Begin

Monday evening Councilman Brian Davis called me to say that work was being started on clearing the Tower Shoreline Beach. When I asked him when, he said, “They’re working late evening and night so as not to disturb visitors during the day.” So last evening I though I might head over to check out the work in action, but unfortunately the work does not even get underway until after 10pm.
When I arrived at 8:30pm I discovered a large crane that was being used to remove the driftwood from the beach. There were also large rolling illumination spotlights so that the workers could light up the task before them. Brian told me that City Hall had located a contractor who was willing to come in and remove the wood for free. Apparently there is a price tag on the wood, and that made it attractive for someone to acquire. I’m not surprised since some of the pieces look like old growth timbers. There was already a sizeable pile accumulating up on the upper walkway. And that is where I ran into Selina, Kaitlyn and Joey (photo), who were very happy to have stumbled upon some small pieces of firewood. I thanked them for helping to clear the debris… to make way for a beach, and that managed to put big smiles on their faces. You never know, next time you see these kids they might just be playing on a beach instead of collecting wood from alongside a waterfront roadway.

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