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If you’ve been wondering what has been going on at the Elmwood Kentucky Fried Chicken location (corner of Bryant), there is some good news (see original post). I spoke to Dan Leonard, the Elmwood Village Association’s business development specialist, who had this to report on KFC to Go:
“Basically, they shut down the operation when a bunch of problems were discovered. I have heard that those problems have been corrected. It turns out that Kentucky Fried Chicken has chosen to remain closed. Now, even if they wanted to reopen they would have to go through a new inspections process. The permits would have to be reissued. We should hear first if they attempt to reopen.”
That’s great news. Since these new developments appear to take KFC out of the running for a corner operation (for now), it is a crucial time for someone else to lay claim to the property. We all know now that the corner is going for $425,000 – a price tag that has attracted interest from more than one party. I asked Dan what he knew about any pending sales and this is what he told me:
“As far as the property goes, I am told that it is under contract to be bought. There is a group that has the rights to purchase it and that developer is currently doing its due diligence. From what I understand, if the deal goes through the corner would be improved upon drastically.”

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